Mass of Remembrance for deceased loved ones to be held on November 7 at 11am. Watch it live on Facebook.


Public Masses Have Resumed at St. Anne's Church

In accordance with the safety regulations published by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for public worship and with the guidelines approved by Bishop McManus for the Diocese of Worcester, St. Anne's Church has resumed daily and Sunday Masses for the public.

Please review St. Anne's COVID-19 web page for details on the safety precautions required during public celebrations of Holy Mass.

Please also continue to pray for an end to the coronavirus pandemic and recite Pope Francis' prayers after praying the Rosary.

Welcome to St. Anne's Parish

We are a Catholic Christian community rich in a tradition of giving and caring for its Church and its people.

Through the course of each year, hundreds of parishioners volunteer their time and talents for the many special events and celebrations within our Parish.

In addition, many of our parishioners are active on an ongoing basis in the ministries we see and experience every week as well as in those ministries that are not so outwardly visible.

2 Corinthians 9:6 "Whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully."

From the Pastor's Desk

Well, it's been nine months and most of us still like each least there are no visual scars! We are finally able to get out a little bit, even if it is with caution. Although the next several months could be iffy, there is light at the end of the tunnel (vaccine?). I think the most needed quality at this time is patience. We have been asked countless times: have you traveled outside the country? Do you feel ill? Do you have a cough? Do you have a fever? And on and on. Be patient - they are just doing their jobs to keep us safe. We all feel the strain, those making the rules and those doing their best to comply.

What this pandemic has done is to take everyone out of their comfort zone. This makes us a bit anxious, to say the least, and so we must compensate. As I have suggested before, take a little quiet time for prayer, contemplation, take a little walk, anything that quiets us down and refreshes us. God is with us in many ways, but we are often too busy to experience His presence, and so a little patience with ourselves and others will go a long way in getting us through this.

We miss you all and hope to see you again soon happy and healthy.

Fr. John Foley
Last updated: September 28, 2020 1:20pm
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We find ourselves in darkness, yet we live in the light; we know sorrow, yet we have joy; we are burdened, yet we have wings to meet our God, the eternal light and life of all creation. This is our joy now, and in this joy we shall remain. We must fight; we must hold the standard high; we must let the light shine forth. We must never be discouraged.

Author: Christopher Friedrich Blumhardt & Johann Christoph Blumhardt
Source: Now Is Eternity