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Prayers for the Deceased

November is traditionally the month in which the Church remembers her deceased. In a special way, we are invited to remember our family and friends who have died, especially those who have passed in the last year.

Let us join together as we remember our loved ones and pray for the peaceful repose of their souls.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

DeceasedRequested By
Steven Douglas Alward
Timothy Anderson
Adeline Antonucci Defino
Joseph L. Belcufine
Susan J. Bernard
Beverly Bertrand O'Brien
Elizabeth Bonaventura
Hazel L. Bronzo
Katherine Brosnan
George Bryant, Sr.
Pauline Buckley
Robert Burke
Barbara Carraher
Ruth A. Corsetti
Joseph R. Coskie
Vera Couture
Regina Cullen
Leo D'Agostino
Maria J. D'Agostino
Rosibel de los Angeles Lovejoy
George R. DeCoteau
John Paul Demoga, Sr.
Carroll Demoga
Congetta DiBenedetto
Joan Donato
Marjorie Doyle
Charles Ernenwein
Phyllis T. Favulli
Frances T. Finnegan
Mildred Gallo
Peter Girardi
Lucy Graziani
Daniel Hastings
Theodore Ignatius Giles
Grace C. Janulavitch
Maureen Lacombe
Barbara Lane
Virginia Lavigne
Anne E. Long
Helen T. Malick
Dennis Mastro
Joan C. McNutt
Denyse A. Moran
Peter Pellegrino
Pauline Robertson
Joseph Romano
Maria Romano
John L. Ronayne
Mary J. Salerno
Robert Simoncini
Frances L. Simone
Janet Slater
Dorothy M. Stanton
Rose Todisco
German Valdes Diaz
Doris Violette
Denise A. Wilhelmi
Guy Wills
Papa Joy Rosemary Abu
Margaret Rosemary Abu
Sister Ohohu Mum Rosemary Abu
Deceased members of the Orkigeles family Rosemary Abu
My late principal Rosemary Abu
Mama Rosemary Rosemary Abu
Samahuna Rosemary Abu
Diana Unamikehi K Rosemary Abu
Pa J. O. Uwanikeh Rosemary Abu
Sister Uwayede Rosemary Abu
Fred Anthony Beverly Anthony
James Anthony Beverly Anthony
Constance Gelles Beverly Anthony
Ester Hennesty Beverly Anthony
Edward & Ellen O'Rourke Beverly Anthony
Edward O'Rourque, Jr. Beverly Anthony
Edward O'Rourque, Sr. Beverly Anthony
Kathleen Pozo Beverly Anthony
Barbara Thomas Beverly Anthony
Helen Witkowski Beverly Anthony
Gladys Zinkevich Beverly Anthony
Mary Blomgren Evelyn Blomgren
Verner Blomgren Evelyn Blomgren
Christopher Caron & Nancy Genelli Mrs. Roland Caron
Roland R. Caron, Sr. Mrs. Roland Caron
J. Ovide Caron Mrs. Roland Caron
Paul, Theresa and Laurent Caron Mrs. Roland Caron
Valeda Caron Mrs. Roland Caron
Norma & Richard Neece Mrs. Roland Caron
Joseph Tagg Mrs. Roland Caron
Neno Tagliaferi Mrs. Roland Caron
Carmeline Tragliaferri Mrs. Roland Caron
Claudia Carter Durand Mrs. Joseph Carter
Joseph Carter Mrs. Joseph Carter
Tony & Emily Carter Mrs. Joseph Carter
Len & Madeleine Corwin Mrs. Joseph Carter
Arthur & Gabrielle Dumas Mrs. Joseph Carter
Leo & Doris Dumas Mrs. Joseph Carter
Bob & Eileen Dumnas Mrs. Joseph Carter
Jeanne Hurley Mrs. Joseph Carter
Deceased members of the Rourke family Mrs. Joseph Carter
Deceased members of the Wilhelmi family Mrs. Joseph Carter
Mildred & Mike Casey Josephine Casillo
Eugene J. Casillo, Sr. Josephine Casillo
Amelia & Stanley Casillo Josephine Casillo
Betty & Tony Casillo Josephine Casillo
Mike & Ann Casillo Josephine Casillo
Ragella Casillo Josephine Casillo
Anna & John J. Downey Josephine Casillo
Elizabeth & Frank Downey Josephine Casillo
Josephine & John Downey Josephine Casillo
June & John Downey Josephine Casillo
Marion & Bob Powers Josephine Casillo
Mary & Harry Vallely Josephine Casillo
deceased members of the Catanzaro family Mario F. Catanzaro
Deceased members of the Cerrone and Sera families Anna Cerrone
Albert J. Cerrone Anna Cerrone
Domenic D'Ambrosio Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Chaput
Mr and Mrs. Mauro Dell'Olio Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Chaput
Marion Giard Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Chaput
Marie Latino Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Chaput
Richard Schramm Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Chaput
Deceased members of the Curini family & relatives M/M Pasquale Curini
Deceased members of the DelMonaco family & relatives M/M Pasquale Curini
Friends, Priests, Sisters souls in Purgatory M/M Pasquale Curini
Deceased members of the Plaisance family & relatives M/M Pasquale Curini
Deceased members of the Robbio family & relatives M/M Pasquale Curini
Joseph & Barbara D'Andrea Gloria D'Andrea
Raphael D'Andrea Gloria D'Andrea
Maria & Raymond Davis Gloria D'Andrea
Marie DePalo Gloria D'Andrea
Lucille & Louis Frongillo Gloria D'Andrea
Josephine Kroyak & deceased members of family Gloria D'Andrea
Clara, Lucille, Roger & Stephen Laplante Gloria D'Andrea
Patricia Laplante Gloria D'Andrea
Henry Enrikaitis Gintas H. Enrikaitis
Regina Enrikaitis Gintas H. Enrikaitis
Henrikas Huskenalaitis Gintas H. Enrikaitis
Vidas Paskauskas Gintas H. Enrikaitis
Pius Paukkauskas Gintas H. Enrikaitis
Emily Pauskaukkas Gintas H. Enrikaitis
Vitas Prapoulenis, Sr. Gintas H. Enrikaitis
Vitas Prapoulenis Gintas H. Enrikaitis
Kunigunda Puskepoulaitis Gintas H. Enrikaitis
Mary Wheeler Gintas H. Enrikaitis
Rosella Colombo Charles J. Genovesi
George Desrosier Charles J. Genovesi
Raymond DiGregorio Charles J. Genovesi

DeceasedRequested By
Deceased members of the Genovesi family Charles J. Genovesi
Robert Hogan Charles J. Genovesi
Andrew Koval Charles J. Genovesi
Clara Longone Charles J. Genovesi
Judge Lucian A. Manzi Charles J. Genovesi
Msgr. Rocco Piccolomini Charles J. Genovesi
Rose D'Andrea Donna Giuliani
James Driscoll Donna Giuliani
Deceased members of the Giuliani & Azzaroni families Donna Giuliani
Antoinette Giuliani Donna Giuliani
Domenic Giuliani Donna Giuliani
Leonardo & Angelina Giuliani Donna Giuliani
Sante Giuliani Donna Giuliani
Fr. Michael Merlucci Donna Giuliani
Daniel M. Hastings Beverly Hastings
Sadie Bidgood Helena Ilvonen
Hilja Ilvonen Helena Ilvonen
Mr. and Mrs. George Ilvonen Helena Ilvonen
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ilvonen Helena Ilvonen
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Ilvonen Helena Ilvonen
Joseph King Helena Ilvonen
Mr. and Mrs. Frank King Helena Ilvonen
Hazel Bondanza Jacqueline Lacouture
Sam Bondanza Jacqueline Lacouture
M/M Cerasoli Jacqueline Lacouture
Brenda Hagg Jacqueline Lacouture
Alphonse Lacouture, Sr. Jacqueline Lacouture
Alphonse Lacouture Jacqueline Lacouture
Josephine Lacouture Jacqueline Lacouture
Robert Lacouture Jacqueline Lacouture
Louise Bolduc Doris A. LeBlanc
Tony Bolduc Doris A. LeBlanc
Donna Jamros Doris A. LeBlanc
Raymond LeBlanc Doris A. LeBlanc
Raymond LeBoeuf, Sr. Pauline LeBoeuf
Sedlow family Pauline LeBoeuf
Jacob Boudreau Joan Lourie
Clarence Guerin Joan Lourie
Hester Guerin Joan Lourie
Jason Lourie Joan Lourie
Ken Manet Joan Lourie
Bernard Conlin Elizabeth McDonough
Richard J. Hoey, Jr. Elizabeth McDonough
Rev. James F. Hoey Elizabeth McDonough
Richard J. Hoey Elizabeth McDonough
Dorothy Hollisey Elizabeth McDonough
Joyce B. Marsden Elizabeth McDonough
Joseph W. McDonough, Jr. Elizabeth McDonough
Joseph W. McDonough Elizabeth McDonough
Eileen Mary Scannell Elizabeth McDonough
Rose Marie Scott Elizabeth McDonough
Mary Catanzaro Susan McKeown
Becky McKeown Susan McKeown
Adriana Lanzarini M/M Nicholas Morana, Jr.
Nicholas J. Morana, Sr. M/M Nicholas Morana, Jr.
Matthau & Maria Morana M/M Nicholas Morana, Jr.
Gasparas Mana Mtenga M/M Nicholas Morana, Jr.
Gerald Mtenga M/M Nicholas Morana, Jr.
Method Mtenga M/M Nicholas Morana, Jr.
Silvan & Sesilia Mtenga M/M Nicholas Morana, Jr.
Sr. Maureen of the Precious Blood M/M Nicholas Morana, Jr.
Nanzia'Regina, Sesilia & Vicky Visso M/M Nicholas Morana, Jr.
Peter Pasqualucci Rosemaria Morana
Toni Tocchio Rosemarie Morana
Francis Olson Pat Morrissey
Joan Olson Pat Morrissey
Robert Olson Pat Morrissey
Megan A. Fair Linda Palmerino
Lucy & Edward Michalak Linda Palmerino
Gregory A. Palmerino Linda Palmerino
Mac Palmerino Linda Palmerino
Robert Anderson June Patsky
Deceased members of the Bergeron family June Patsky
Wanda & Rudoph Holawy June Patsky
Deborah LaFleur June Patsky
Loretta Niedzwicki June Patsky
Bernard Patsky June Patsky
Victoria & Bernard T. Patsky June Patsky
Eleanor Grilla Vera Pine
Michael Grilla Vera Pine
deceased members of the Cataldo-Rizzuti family Carmela Polanik
deceased members of the Polanik-Kapulka family Carmela Polanik
Deceased members of the Progin, Joubert & Corden families Gail Progin
Ephrem and Yvette LaRochelle Paul R. Prunier
Deceased members of the Prunier and Young families Paul R. Prunier
Joseph J. Prunier, Jr. Paul R. Prunier
Joseph H. Prunier, Sr. Paul R. Prunier
Bernice M. Prunier Paul R. Prunier
Eva M. Prunier Paul R. Prunier
Raymond N. Prunier Paul R. Prunier
Claudia Young (Pineau) Paul R. Prunier
Theodore Young, Jr. Paul R. Prunier
John Young Paul R. Prunier
Roland Young Paul R. Prunier
Warren & Helen Reed M/M Lee Reed
deceased members of the Reed & White families M/M Lee Reed
May White M/M Lee Reed
Tom & Lil White M/M Lee Reed
Ray & Mabel Hmura Julie Beth Richard
Magliore & Adelia Lacroix Julie Beth Richard
Paula Petrone Julie Beth Richard
Barry Richard Julie Beth Richard
Gertrude Richard Julie Beth Richard
David Vienneau Julie Beth Richard
Kathleen Ryan Collins Jane Ryan
Jack Villa Jane Ryan
Joel & Gloria Villa Jane Ryan
John & Alice Villa Jane Ryan
Michael T. Ryan Mary Gene Ryan
Mary E. Woods Mary Gene Ryan
Deceased members of the Lennon family Helen Shea
Patrick & Helen Lennon Helen Shea
Deceased members of the Shea family Helen Shea
Don Shea Helen Shea
Hannah & Patrick Shea Helen Shea
Joe Shea Helen Shea
Richard Goselin Kathleen Slavin
Butch Paciello Kathleen Slavin
James S. Slavin, Jr. Kathleen Slavin
deceased members of the Gavan & Slavin families Kathleen Slavin
Norma Copeland Delores Smith
Marie DePalo Delores Smith
John Gerolomo Delores Smith
John L. Smith Delores Smith
John P. Pedjoe, III M/M Paul Towler
John P. Pedjoe, Jr. M/M Paul Towler
Catherine Pedjoe M/M Paul Towler
David Pedjoe M/M Paul Towler
John P. Pedjoe M/M Paul Towler
Joseph C. Towler, Jr. M/M Paul Towler
Anna Towler M/M Paul Towler
Joseph C. Towler M/M Paul Towler
Judith Towler M/M Paul Towler
Vincent Towler M/M Paul Towler
Julian & Victor Plaud Kathleen Vuona
Mary & Emile Plaud Kathleen Vuona
Michael Vuona, Jr. Kathleen Vuona
Lucy & Michael Vuona Kathleen Vuona
John Farley Joanne Zannotti
Margaret Farley Joanne Zannotti
Gregg Needham Joanne Zannotti
Emilio Poti Joanne Zannotti
Stella Valentine Joanne Zannotti
Charles Welsh Joanne Zannotti
Elizabeth Zannotti Joanne Zannotti
John Zannotti Joanne Zannotti