Parish Prayer Intentions

  • That God in his infinite love and mercy bring healing to Sheila Rousseau
  • For Laurie, that God's loving hands may rest upon her and bring her healing
  • For the repose of the soul of Jimmy who has passed from this life to God's eternal kingdom
  • For Lorraine as she grieves the passing of her son
  • That God in his infinite love and mercy bring healing to Tara Slavin Bowden and Joy Chartier
  • For Joe Zecco, that Jesus' healing and loving hands rest on him and return him to good health
  • For the safety and well-being of my granddaughter Kira
  • For the peaceful repose of the souls of Hien Nguyen, Debra Frost, Dennis Foley , Mary Barbara Smith, Michelle Savageau McKinstry, Dee Freeburn, Doris Maffioli and Irene Bleau. May they live in God's everlasting light.
  • For God's healing hand to rest upon Ron Whittle as he recovers
  • For help in my prayer life and that love, truth and above all the good of God always triumph
  • That Jesus to grant me the grace to forgive, for contrition of my sins, and for the grace to be reunited with Him in Holy Communion and to come back to God
  • For a special request
  • For healing and reconciliation in my broken family and that the Lord will heal Peter from the depression that has a strong grip on him, touch his heart and guide him back home to me
  • That God lift the injustice that I am enduring and protect our family in our suffering.
  • For improved health and God's peace and joy in my brother's heart
  • For the healing of Diane Nault and God's peace and comfort for her and her family
  • For a complete recovery from pancreatic cancer for Carol Larsen
  • Comfort for Christine Thomas and her family as she battles ALS
  • Pray that the hand of Jesus will reach out to Jessica Martin and wipe away the cancer that she is fighting
  • For B. McGinley
  • For the healing of Pat H.
  • For the healing of Tim Mahoney
  • For an end to the coronavirus pandemic and continued successful vaccine distribution
  • For the front-line workers who are risking their lives during the coronavirus pandemic
  • For all who suffer from COVID-19, especially St. Anne's parishioners, their families, and friends
  • For all who died from COVID-19, that their souls rest in peace, and for all who mourn the loss of their loved ones

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