Parish Prayer Intentions

  • For the repose of the souls of Marion Feeney, Rosa Maria Usuga, John Mahassel, Pauline Buckley and God's peace and comfort for their loves ones.
  • For the healing of Maryann Dumont
  • For the healing of Paul C.
  • For the healing of Pat H.
  • For the healing of Tim Mahoney
  • For a good surgical outcome for Kenny Carville
  • For a cure for the coronavirus and a swift end to the pandemic
  • For the front-line workers who are risking their lives during the coronavirus pandemic
  • For all who suffer from COVID-19, especially St. Anne's parishioners, their families, and friends
  • For all who died from COVID-19, that their souls rest in peace, and for all who mourn the loss of their loved ones

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