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Prayers for the Deceased

Christmas Flower Memorials

As we gather to celebrate the nativity of Christ, we are reminded of our deceased family and friends, especially those who passed within the last year. Christmas flower offerings made in memory of our loved ones are listed below. Let us join together and pray for the peaceful repose of their souls.
Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Deceased Requested By
deceased members of the Alano familyAnna Alano
deceased members of the Asselta familyAnna Alano
Frank & Mary CiccarelliM/M Joseph Alfego
Ellen AmaralDr. & Mrs. Edward L. Amaral
Donald BonciDr. & Mrs. Edward L. Amaral
Mary BlomgrenEvelyn Blomgren
Verner BlomgrenEvelyn Blomgren
Stanford & Beverly CharronMargaret Brier
Albert & Frances NelpiMargaret Brier
Fred & Anne BroszeitPatricia Broszeit
Richard BroszeitPatricia Broszeit
Frank & Judy MalowskiPatricia Broszeit
Annette BroszeitPatricia  Broszeit
Fred BroszeitPatricia  Broszeit
Richard  BroszeitPatricia  Broszeit
Frank MalowskiPatricia  Broszeit
Judy MalowskiPatricia  Broszeit
Raymond BryantMichael & Sandy Bryant
Izetta DeCarrMichael & Sandy Bryant
David JenkinsMichael & Sandy Bryant
Bruce & Clara JenkisMichael & Sandy Bryant
John J. BurdulisLorretta Burdulis
Christopher CaronNorma Caron
Dr. Roland CaronNorma Caron
Carmeline TagliaperriNorma Caron
Neno TagliaperriNorma Caron
Marie & John CaseyM/M Charles Casey
Angela & Albert DeAngelisM/M Charles Casey
deceased members of the Bagley familyM/M Christopher Casey
Josephine CoteM/M Christopher Casey
deceased members of the Catanzaro familyMario F. Catanzaro
family of Marco ConsiglioThea Consiglio
Robert J. ConsiglioThea Consiglio
Clara LongoneThea Consiglio
family of Frederick von HoltenThea Consiglio
Dr. Leo & Pauline BuckleyM/M Robert Courtemanche
Frank & Esther CasantoElaine Donahue
William Grosse, Jr.Elaine Donahue
Leo DuchesneauMelina Duchesneau
Madeleine EtreAlbert Etre
Annette RyanLorraine Folsom
Irma TrinderLorraine Folsom
Kenneth TrinderLorraine Folsom
Angela BuffoneCarolyn  Forbes
Frank BuffoneCarolyn  Forbes
deceased members of the Iaccarino & Foley familiesRoseanne Fratoni
Evelyn DanforthTed & Evie Gulledge

Deceased Requested By
Anna GulledgeTed & Evie Gulledge
Alice & Earl HollandM/M William Holland
William HooperM/M William Holland
Roberta HowarthM/M William Holland
Mary McGillivrayM/M William Holland
M/M George IlvonenHelena Ilvonen
Pietro GazilloM/M Scott Lefebvre
Albert LocontoRob & Tracey Loconto
Shirley LocontoRob & Tracey Loconto
John LocwinRob & Tracey Loconto
Matilda LocwinRob & Tracey Loconto
Joseph M. Mattero, Sr.M/M James Mattero
Patsy A. & Margaret M. MatteroM/M James Mattero
Jane E. & Richard B. NewtonM/M James Mattero
Lynsey Rose CooneyRose Marie Mattero
Lynsey Rose CooneyRose Marie Mattero
deceased members of the DiRoberto familyRose Marie Mattero
deceased members of the DiRoberto familyRose Marie Mattero
Guy MatteroRose Marie Mattero
Guy MatteroRose Marie Mattero
Mr. John NugentM/M Brian McGrail
Mr. & Mrs. William VailM/M Brian McGrail
Mary CatanzaroSusan McKeown
Elizabeth McKeownSusan McKeown
Robert, Francis & Joan OlsonPat & Kevin Morrissey
Megan FairLinda Palmerino
Lucy & Edward MichalakLinda Palmerino
Gregory PalmerinoLinda Palmerino
Eleanor GrillaVera Pine
Michael GrillaVera Pine
deceased members of the Joubert & Progin familiesGail Progin
deceased members of the Prunier and Young familiesPaul Prunier
Jean QuirionSheila Quirion
Michael RaymondBetty Raymond
Ray & Mabel HmuraJulie Richard
Magliore & Adelia LacroixJulie Richard
Barry RichardJulie Richard
Gertrude RichardJulie Richard
John RitaccoLynda Ritacco
Gilda RitaccoLynda  Ritacco
Carl A. SimoneGrace Simone
Mary TrentJoseph Trent
Stanley TrentJoseph Trent
John TrumpaitisKathleen Ryan Trumpaitis
deceased members of the Fresolo & Zalieckas familiesM/M Anthony Zalieckas
M/M Arthur JohnsonJoe and Jan Zecco
M/M Joseph Zecco, Sr.Joe and Jan Zecco