St. Anne's Church

Our Mission: To inform and educate through our lived faith at St. Anne.

Meet the Staff

Rev. John J. Foley
Parish Pastor

Rev. Paul T. O'Connell
Senior Priest

Deacon Bill Bilow
Permanent Deacon

Deacon Peter Ryan
Permanent Deacon

Ellie Smith
Pastoral Assistant

Judy Goselin
Parish Secretary

Joseph Zecco
Parish Administrator

Patricia Morrissey
Finance Secretary

Gary Dency

Rosemarie Dency

Mary Courtemanche
Co-Director of Religious Education
K through 6

Tracy Flynn
Co-Director of Religious Education
7 through Confirmation

Nick Morana

Maureen Connors
Music Director / Organist

Victor Kruczynski
Choir Director

Mike Curry
Guitarist / Cantor

Elaine Leblanc
Director of Human Services