Per order of the Town of Shrewsbury, face masks are required and must be worn at all indoor public gatherings, including Mass, regardless of vaccination status. (eff. 12 Oct. 2021)

Meet the Staff

Pastoral Staff

Rev. Andres Araque
Pastoral and Sacramental Ministry
508-757-5154 x16

Rev. Paul T. O'Connell
Senior Priest
508-757-5154 x13

Deacon Bill Bilow
Administrator and Permanent Deacon

Deacon Peter Ryan
Permanent Deacon

Administrative Staff

Ellie Smith
Pastoral Assistant and Finance Secretary
508-757-5154 x12

Judy Goselin
Parish Secretary
508-757-5154 x10

Gary Dency
508-757-5154 x25

Religious Education and Faith Formation

Tracey Loconto
Co-Director of Religious Education
K through 6

Tracy Flynn
Co-Director of Religious Education
7 through Confirmation


Deacon Bill Bilow

Ellie Smith
508-757-5154 x12

Nick Todisco

Music Ministry

Maureen Connors
Music Director / Organist

Victor Kruczynski
Choir Director

Mike Curry

Human Services

Elaine Leblanc
Director of Human Services